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The California Fire Fighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee (Cal-JAC) was formed in 1982 with the objective of building a broader pool of highly qualified fire professionals that reflect California and the communities they serve. To help achieve this objective, in 2005 Cal-JAC Chair Dan Terry created the Commission to Recruit Women for the Fire Service.

Comprised of high-ranking female firefighters from throughout California, its mission is to boost interest and to educate high school- and college-aged women, as well as women transitioning from the military, about the firefighting profession and all the opportunities that are available in this rewarding career.

Labor and management are represented on the Commission, reflecting the partnership at the heart of the Cal-JAC's mission. Commission members include Berkeley's first female fire chief -- the first African-American fire chief in California and the first African-American woman ever hired by the Los Angeles City Fire Department.

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Commission Members

Lisa Beaty, Co-Chair, Contra Costa County Fire Protection District

Emily Lo, Co-Chair, Davis Fire Department

Judi Cutaia, Davis Fire Department (Ret.)

d'Lisa Davies, Los Angeles City Fire Department

Melissa Mohilla, San Diego Federal Fire Department

Laura Hernandez, Tracy Fire Department