Cal-JAC to Hold Recruitment Workshop

Recruitment workshop to be held May 2, 2017 in Sacramento, Calif. 

Since the Cal-JAC’s inception in 1982, it has focused on professionalizing recruitment efforts to break down barriers for qualified candidates and build vital bridges between candidates and the departments that need them. With this mission in mind, Cal-JAC will be hosting a Recruitment Workshop on Tuesday May 2nd, 2017 at the Firefighter Candidate Testing (FCTC) in Sacramento.

Cal-JAC has long sought to bring about a fire service comprised of members who reflect the communities they serve. To that end, the workshop will focus on sharing successful outreach techniques and also provide an open forum to share ideas, discuss department goals, and lay the groundwork for the JAC to compile and share best practices in recruitment with our departments throughout California. Collectively, attendees can develop the tools to modernize the ways in which we think about, locate, and retain candidates.

There is no cost to attend this workshop; however, attendees’ participation must be approved by their fire chief and/or labor president.

To view the tentative agenda, please click here.