Cal-JAC Hosts Annual Local Education Agency Day

Cal-JAC Hosts Annual Local Education Agency Day

When it comes to training in the fire service, there’s no substitute for hands-on experience.

The same can be said for those charged with overseeing those training programs, which is why in early 2017, the California Firefighter Joint Apprenticeship Committee hosted representatives from roughly a dozen local education agencies (LEA) at Cosumnes Fire Department’s training center for its annual LEA Day.

“We wanted to bring our local education agencies that we run our apprenticeship program through to a site where apprentices are being training in classroom and drill ground activities,” said Yvonne de la Peña, executive director for the Cal-JAC. “The goal is to educate the educators in what the program is about.”

The Local Education Agencies that partner with the Cal-JAC are instrumental in ensuring that various standards are being met in California’s fire service apprenticeship program. The annual visit by LEA’s to observe program activities provides an inside look into a profession whose apprenticeship program often places unique demands on its participants.

Throughout the day, visiting LEA representatives are given an overview of the Cal-JAC’s training activities, an opportunity to meet Cal-JAC staff and view on-site training of the Cosumnes Fire Department’s most recent class of apprentices.

“It allows them to see a group of apprentices within the JAC program, going through their initial training,” said Dale Carnes, the training and special operations chief with the Cosumnes Fire Department. “The LEAs are actually able to see the training that we talk to them about so much.”